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Why You NEED MFA & 2FA Now!!

Happy New Year! It’s a new decade! In this video I explain MFA & 2FA and why you should implement it immediately.

For a list of sites that work with Yubikey:

00:00 Privacy Book contest winner
00:46 What is MFA & 2FA
01:34 Why is it a solution?
02:40 Answer to weak passwords
03:09 MFA example – Yubikey
04:20 2FA
04:33 You may have already noticed
06:21 DIY
07:12 How I use my Yubikey w/LastPass
09:08 Setup is painless
09:53 Google auth
11:25 Disaster is imminent
12:25 Recap
13:48 Security is inconvenient
16:02 Monthly Book Giveaway
16:27 The next Book Giveaway

For your own copies of the Privacy books given away in this video:
Extreme Privacy –
Hiding From the Internet –

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