The Rabbit hole has you...


So, this is my “whoami” bio.

I’ve never really been fond of talking about myself or providing my personal “sales pitch”, but since you clicked this link and we’re both here I may as well give it a go.

At my core

I’m still just a shy and optimistic kid from the Bronx, that’s trying to discover the life hacks of society. At times I can find myself thinking way too hard and deep about anything, and at other times I could care less about most things. There’s a lot I want to accomplish in this life. I often ponder how can I accomplish everything I ever wanted to do and squeeze it all in a span of 80-100 years? I mean, at this time I only have about 50-70 years left. Have I really wasted thirty-something years? Am I on the right track? Have I made a dent in my goals? What exactly are my goals? These are the questions…

On the surface

I’m a Cyber Security analyst, geek, tech enthusiast and entrepreneur. I started this blog to share my passions, network with likeminded people and teach and learn from the cyber industry. I’m an 80’s baby, so 80’s nostalgia, cyber punk, EDM, Sci-Fi & political-spy movies give me life. Learning about new technologies, hacking (ethically of course), reading technical and cyber-security books, building my YouTube channel, and working in the government sector is what I do now.

Above & Beyond

I only recently “found” myself, and what I mean is it’s been about less than ten years that I realized I’m in control of my life and the trajectory it takes and no one else. I think it’s at that moment, when one realizes this, that true freedom, purpose and intention can manifest and form our own reality.

We each have a personal reality. We also have a family reality, a neighborhood reality, city/state realities, they just keep going. Fractals upon fractals of realities and choices at various scales. This blog is just a piece of me. A fraction of who I am, and partially a projection of a person I wish to become.

Work History Coming Soon