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Center City DC!


on this Lazy Labor Day for 2018, me and the Wifey were quite bored and decided to venture out into DC to see whats out there. See, mostly we work, go to school, study and stay home… (Mostly)… At first, we had no clue where to go. Well, we kinda had an idea but per usual we left the house… and by the time we got to the thing we wanted to do it was too late, so we looked up places in DC and Boom, City Center DC popped up. Read More

Washington, DC!! Here we come!

It’s happening.

I have been doing cyber-security work with government entities as a contractor for the past ten years and although I have traveled far and wide in my I.T. days for various reasons, I have always thoroughly enjoyed when my travels have brought me to DC. Now, due to some recent work demands, my company is relocating me to work and live in the area full time! Read More