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Respect me on HACKTHEBOX.EU!!

Hack the Box is a pen testing site that provides a plethora of pen testing labs, virtual machines and challenges to get noobs up to speed on hacking methodologies and keep veterans sharp. I’ve only been a Hack the Box member for maybe a month now and I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to it and rank up, but I’m making my way towards script kiddie lol.

If you’re into ethical hacking and pen testing, you should make your way to the site, hack your way into the login screen and find your invite code (sorry, I can’t give away how to do it, against the rules) and then look me up and give me some respect!! Make sure to let me know and I’ll give you some back. At the time of this writing I’m still a “noob”, but I’m 28.8% towards “script kiddie”, after that you can rank up to “hacker” and then further if you’re good enough.

A great resource for help with these CTF (capture the flag) challenges is a Youtuber who goes by the name IPPSEC. This dude is a BEAST on pen testing, but he can only show you how to defeat CTF’s that are already retired from the site. Either way, he’s a great resource to learn how to complete the older challenges which I am sure can definitely help with some of the newer, still active challenges on Hack the Box. Below is his video on how to defeat Mirai, it’s one of the shorter ones which is why I picked it. He has videos which can easily go past 30 minutes and some even as long as an hour.

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