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Ready Player One REVIEW!!

I’m a movie guy, and a video game guy, and a pop culture guy, and a comic book/sci fi guy… for sure… so when I initially saw the trailer for Ready Player One (I think as a preview for Thor Ragnarok or Black Panther) it was on my official “To see no matter what, I don’t care even if I go blind” list. (Yes, that is a real mental movie list I keep). Fast forward a few months, it hits theaters and I shamefully catch it an entire WEEK after it comes out!! (No idea how I missed it opening day) but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

First things first, if you were born any time AFTER, oh let’s say about 1992 and a half, unfortunately MOST of the entire 80’s nostalgia that’s SLAM PUMPED (slam pumping is a thing) into this movie may go right over your young heads (perhaps). I have to be honest, I have never read the book, don’t know a thing about the author and I don’t even know when this book was initially published. I have no clue why the 80’s in particular has such a major presence as far as characters and pop culture (actually I can make some clever marketing guesses, since this time era strikes RIGHT in the gonads of most 30-something year olds, like me) but for you younglins out there, you are not left out.

There is also a TON of more present day easter egg references throughout the 90’s and 2000’s as well. There’s no way ANYBODY can watch this move a few times and see EVERYTHING slam pumped (real thing) into it. I imagine once it comes out on Blu-Ray that even more will be discovered than can be seen in the theaters without a pause button or annoying kids kicking the back of your chair every few minutes.

Characters and 80’s culture aside, this movie is exhilarating and fresh; Spielberg did NOT disappoint. I was extremely INVESTED in the plot and story line the entire TWO hours. This movie is a classic, hands down. Ready Player One has your basic David vs. Goliath plot, it has the basic young love story plot (which fortunately isn’t sickening for once), it has major Spielberg action sequences that hit just right AND it contains a plethora of real-life gems about the nature of reality and staying true to yourself. Although NONE of these concepts are new to movies in general, for some reason in Ready Player One they don’t come across as old and tired out cliches like they usually do.

I found a fun video below that attempts at listing every character found in the movie, however it is obviously incomplete, since I personally saw two characters (I had to think really hard) that this guy doesn’t mention in this list at all; Robocop (the first one) and Spawn. As I said, it will probably take MONTHS before there can ever be a completed list, if anyone ever attempts such a thing. I imagine the producers and slam pumping team had this in mind the entire time. Licensing fees probably took up half the movie budget lol. Anyway, enjoy the video below by Mr. Sunday Movies!

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