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Puerto Rico Proposal! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

Guys… I haven’t made a personal blog post in a while, and what better one to make than my marriage proposal to my girlfriend in Puerto Rico this past July! I disguised the trip as a birthday trip, although it still WAS a birthday trip. I guess you can call it a two for one lol.

Anyway, I had the ring for at least a month before the trip and I knew I was going to propose earlier this year, I just didn’t exactly know how or when. There were a few things I did know:

1) It had to be in some type of nature setting
2) It had to be in an exotic location

Those were pretty much my two criteria. I visited Puerto Rico a few years ago and went to El Yunque National Forest and really liked the hiking and the natural waterfalls there. This was back in 2014, way before the hurricane. Fast forward to 2019 and we’re about to head out to the forest. We checked the website for more info and directions and the trail where the waterfall is, is closed. Turns out the effects of hurricane Maria are still very apparent on the island because much of the hiking trails are closed……

Now I’m thinking to myself ok, my plan can’t be totally ruined. There’s still some hiking trails open and maybe on one I can find a nice enough spot to just pop the question. By this time she knew I wanted to stop and get into the waterfall but she had no clue why πŸ™‚ Not that this point it really made a difference πŸ™

So we head out, drive the 50 minutes from our hotel to the forest and proceed up the windy and hilly roads up to some type of entrance or parking. This is where things start to get more interesting. We get to the actual park entrance and there’s a line of cars and park rangers are turning people BACK. Turned out the park was to capacity and they weren’t letting any more through. (panic attack)

We pull up and it’s our turn to talk to the rangers and they advise us that the park is temporarily closed but will open in about another hour after some people leave. Ok, cool. All is not lost. (I really wanted to propose that day, and I had no other plans or places in mind to propose elsewhere). We go get some food, (alcapurria, pinones, & rellenos) πŸ˜€ and then head back to the park and Boom, it’s open and they’re letting cars through.


But not quite yet. La Mina falls are still closed and we haven’t found a trail to take, and I have no clue if I’m going to like any particular place well enough to propose in it lol. But we must continue on. First thing we come to is the Yokahu observation tower,. Looks like a light house, but learned later that its not. Plus, why would a lighthouse be needed in the middle of a forest. Anyway, it’s several stories high, we’re there and I’m thinking to myself “ok, could this be the place?”. I find myself open to the idea, but I need to do a little more recon first, ya know, scope it out, go to the top and see what it’s like. We head on up to the top, climbing the windy stairs and immediately I don’t think this is going to be the place. There’s too many people going up and down, it’s somewhat dingy and dirty and there’s nothing really “NATURE-Y” about it… We finally get to the top and we can see for miles and miles throughout the forest. But it’s still not a “nice” enough place for me to pop this question… Also, she notices in the distance RAIN is pouring not too far from us over one of the mountains. Great. After a little more observation (on the observation towers :D) we notice the rain clouds are heading away from us. Ok cool, this seems to be promising then, right?


We head back down, jump back in the car and continue to head on up the mountain. Any chance of proposing at the observation tower is now lost (even thought I didnt want to do it there anyway). Now the hunt for another spot has continued. As we continue up the mountain, it starts to drizzle. Seems like we’re heading right towards this shower, and it also turns out to be some thunder as well. SHE HATES thunderstorms. This is not turning out so well. We have YET to find a parking spot, OR a trail… And now it’s thundering and she wants to GO BACK!! Like Back, Back, like BACK to the hotel…. (insert panic)

I’m now basically negotiating, trying to keep her calm enough to continue going up the mountain HEAD FIRST into the storm and looking for a non-existent trail, to walk in the RAIN… Yay me. Find another parking spot, I see some people congregating around what seems to be an entrance to a trail, so I figure we stop, park and try here. It’s still raining, not heavy, but enough. She’s calmed down enough because the raining seems to have slowed down, and I could already tell at this point finding a trail hike is not one of her priorities at the moment. I forget the name of this particular entrance, but we head on in and start to walk. This particular trail actually isn’t a trail at all but just a short pit stop with a man made creek type of thing. There’s an old abandoned structure at the top of it, with graffiti and boarded windows and it’s just not “it”. It’s dirty, dingy, and now cold because of the rain and nothing really attractive or inspiring to pop the question for. This isn’t the place.

We head back out of the trail back to the car and this time it’s still raining, a little more heavier, not enough to abort everything but enough to continue to be a nuisance. At this point its almost hopeless. We look at the map we have and remember the rangers did tell us about Angelito’s trail which is way further down the mountain, almost towards the bottom of the whole forest and there is some type of body of water there. So we figure that could be nice to go to and at least the rain isn’t there and at least I might still be able to propose.

All hope is now seeming lost. We havent found a trail to at least HIKE on, and now we’re heading back towards the exit of the whole park and if this doesn’t work here I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do. LUCKILY, on the way back down we pass another group of people, but this TIME they have swimming suits and towels and basically look like they are leaving a pool. I think to myself this has to be another waterfall. I only really knew of La Mina but these people obviously are doing something with water. We find the parking spot, head up to the trail entrance, walk up a few minutes and Lo and Behold we enter Juan Diego Falls.

It comes complete with a natural pool thingy (I’m positive there’s a scientific word for it), a waterfall and nature all around. There was also a TON of people there, which I didn’t really care about nor control. This was it. This was my last chance. If we happened to leave this spot and it didn’t go down, it was probably not going to happen on this day or in this FOREST.

We did come prepared to take a dip, so we got into our water stuffs, proceeded to enter the water and I just had to stall long enough to not do it literally as soon as we got in the water. Of course the water was cold and the water fall was coming down pretty hard. I also had to somewhat hold the ring box down in my shorts, because I didnt want the air in it to push it up and have it bringing my shorts up and have it showing, so I had a hand on it the whole time. There were enough people there to notice and I really didnt want a mass audience. There was enough space behind the waterfall where we could try to hide. (Mind you she still has no idea). Once we get back behind the water and I have a NICE TIGHT grip on the ring box (terrified of dropping it in the water and losing it forever)… I popped the question, she said YES immediately (jokingly) because apparently I already have asked a few times before (Jokingly) and she thought this was another of those times… So I got my answer and then asked if she wanted to see the Ring (stupid of me I know, I should’ve just took it out). That’s when her confusion went from 0 to 100 real quick and it got real. Anyway, long story short… she said YES officially and some people around us saw. One person even walked by us on the way out and said “Felicidades!”.

Enjoy some pictures below from the trip!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and happy vacation/birthday/engagement trip.
    So romantic just like you father πŸ˜‰

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