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How to Setup DVWA – Damn Vulnerable Web Application

Check out this tutorial while it’s still working! As you know Kali was just updated to 2019.1, so as software continues to update and improve over time, YouTube tutorials tend to become outdated quickly. I found this tutorial video from a year ago (almost to the date) and was able to install DVWA so I can dive in and polish up my web application techniques. If you haven’t installed or looked into playing with DVWA I highly recommend it! Check out the video below on how to setup up DVWA on Kali Linux! Read More

I’m being Dislike “botted” on YouTube from Slovakia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hoping this gets out to someone that can help or point me in the right direction to correct this, lol.

Apparently it turns out I’m being Dislike “botted” on YouTube from the country of Slovakia. Not sure if I pissed a person from there off, if my content is really THAT bad or if someone’s got a thing against YouTubers trying to help raise awareness of Cyber Security issues in general, but I find this odd and frustrating. Read More

Started a new YouTube channel with my Four Brothers!

So, me and my brothers have recently started gaming on late night weekends and since we’ve been having so much fun, we decided to start streaming and someone (ME) came up with the bright idea to put up the best stuff on YouTube. Well here you go. Please follow and subscribe to me and my brothers’ YouTube channel “Five Brothers” and check out our very first video below!!! THANKS!!