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November 11, 2018

So… This year’s 11-11 was crazy!

Two events took place this year in my immediate area that I had no plans to attend let alone even knew about. Both kinda fell on my lap within a few days’ time. I’m sure other people may have known about these events for weeks or months, but I didn’t hear about either of these until it was almost too late. The first was AlienCon in Baltimore and the second was The Mass Meditation Initiative in Washington, DC – Both happened on 11-11.

First things first, a personal note about myself…

I don’t know if there is a word for people that believe in UFO’s or life originating outside of Earth. I’m sure most people can think of a few colorful or derogatory terms to describe someone like that, and if that’s you, you may as well click away from this blog right now. I’m not going to jump into crazy conspiracy theories, doomsday predictions or “related”. This is my personal blog and I’m just blogging about my 11-11 experience this year in 2018. So if you’re not bothered by “talk” of this caliber, please read on.

If you’ve been on this blog for a while, you may have seen my review a few months back about the TV online streaming service GAIA. You can go visit that post here -> GAIA Review. Ever since, I’ve been watching GAIA in my spare time here and there and so GAIA is indirectly how I learned of these two events. I habitually watch Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. I won’t get into what they talk about. If you’re curious, just go see for yourself. But on this show, I have come to respect both Corey Goode and David Wilcock and now a third regular who was added to the show almost a year ago is Emery Smith. (I’m still catching up by the way, I understand David and Corey are no longer doing the series….smh).

Me and Emery Smith

Anyway, Emery Smith tweeted a few days ago about AlienCon and that he’ll be in Baltimore… I immediately had to see how far Baltimore was from DC and it turns out it was only about 45 minutes… DONE. I’ve never been to an AlienCon, so why not? I’ve been an avid follower of UFO lore and etc for at least 25 years. Once I got there, it pretty much was what I expected. Vendors selling Alien lore, UFO-ologists everywhere. The Ancient Aliens guy obviously was there doing a panel. It was definitely a sight to behold for those people that this kind of stuff matters too.

The next day, after reading Emery’s tweet about AlienCon, Corey Goode tweeted that he was in DC! This was too good to be true… Now two of the guys I watch on GAIA almost every day are in my immediate area on the same day… And this Mass Meditation was a FREE EVENT on top of that! All we had to do was show up… DONE. We took an Uber, got dropped off at the Lincoln Memrorial in Washington, DC (granted it was late in the evening) and immediately we heard the trance music coming from the reflection pool area.

The Cosmic Conscious Tribe is something I can’t put into words here… So I won’t try. If you ever hear of them or have an opportunity to attend an event, just do it. So get this, at the end of the night I get on my phone to call our Uber to get back home… look at the price of the trip… crazy. Not only that, we get back home high of good vibes and energy and I turn on GAIA to watch the next Cosmic Disclosure that I’m up to… Kid you not, the very next episode I’m on is Season 11 Episode 1. I just finished the last episode of Season 10 the night before and had NO freaking clue! Not only that, guess who appear in this episode for the first time together… Both Corey Goode AND Emery Smith… BONKERS. 11-11 Hit harder this year for me than any previous year that I can remember. Definitely one for the books and one I’m glad I can share.

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  1. That is one amazing day – you are were you suppose to be in your life. I excited for you. ♡♡♡

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