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Free Monthly IT/Cyber Security Book Giveaway!

If you’ve seen my book giveaways on YouTube you already know, every now and then I run a quick and painless contest to provide free IT and Cyber related material to my YouTube subscribers, and so far that’s been going great, but I want to expand my reach and I don’t always do a giveaway every video. This way I can do at least one giveaway a month, even if I don’t do it on YouTube.


Every 1st of the month, I will randomly choose an email subscriber to receive an IT or Cyber Security book (up to $50 value) for FREE! It’s SUPER simple. Subscribe to my email list with the form below and that’s it! I promise, you won’t get spammed or random and irrelevant emails from me. First off, I don’t have the time to craft and spend spammy emails and second, it’s not my personal cup of tea. When I run the randomizer script that picks the winner, I’ll use the email address provided to reach out and ask what IT or Cyber related book you’ve been eyeing! As long as it’s less than $50 I’ll amazon prime it to you ASAP!

Make sure to add my email address

to your contacts list so I don’t get placed in your spam or junk folder. If you win that would really suck if you never received it.

Thank you for subscribing and GOOD LUCK!

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