The Rabbit hole has you...

I’ve been MIA for way too long from this blog, but I’m back…

For anyone who knows me personally, you would know I praise education and self-teaching and the importance of the information age that we live in. If you are alive, breathing and know how to read and have access to the internet, then in THEORY, there is nothing you can not learn. In today’s world, there are absolutely NO reasons why you can not learn anything you want to know, that you do not know now, or that you’ve ever wanted to learn.

There’s just too much information out there for the taking to be making excuses for why you do not “KNOW” something. It KILLS me to hear someone say they don’t know how to do “something”, and then the next sentence has nothing to do with actually trying to learn what it is they said they don’t know or just giving up at their lack of information. No lie, I honestly cringe.

Which is why I just signed up for two classes on

I am a crazy EDM head. Have been since the late 90’s when it was called Techno. I’ve always dreamed of being a super producer/DJ and so with that needs to come my own drive and motivation to self-teach and learn what I can when I can if I ever wish to make that dream come true. It’s the only way anything could ever manifest. Things don’t come to those who sit on their bum.

So, we have officially moved to the DC area. Work is going great so far, no real complaints with my new cyber security position. I love it, it pays the bills and it’s also been something I’ve wanted to do with my life so I’m winning in that aspect. But it’s also time to get a little more serious about music and the other side of me. The creative side. My day job is very technical, logical and straight forward. I need a balance and so that’s where the music will come in and balance some of me out.

I’m pretty secure in my career. I wouldn’t mind doing both IT security and music, I don’t really see an issue. Even if music is a side hobby that never provides income, there’s still massive therapeutical benefits to being creative on my own down time. And if at any point a track I produce happens to make me some money down the line, I couldn’t be mad at that.

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