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Interview with Cassie Cage

In this edition of “Interview with a Hacker”, I talk to Cassie Cage aka Akolsuoicauqol (as she’s known on Twitter) to talk about her start in Infosec, her non-profit organization Gate Breachers and to share some tips and advice on breaking into Cyber-Security. Also, as usual, don’t forget to enter another free book giveaway for the “Defensive Security Handbook”!!

00:00 OSINT BOOK GIVEAWAY from last video
00:40 Introduction
01:05 Cassie Cage tag name
01:46 What’s your current Infosec specialty
02:36 What are the highlights of your career so far?
03:19 Any regrets of your career?
03:41 Failure to comply
05:20 What certs do you have?
06:35 What is GateBreachers?
08:42 Break the Gate Keepers culture
09:00 Cassies “Why”
11:31 Any words of advice for inspiration?
13:23 Cassies Book recommendation and next Book give away!

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Penetration Testing

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