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Interview with BSD Bandit

In this edition of “Interview with a Hacker” I sit down with BSD Bandit to discuss how he got started in Infosec, his tips and tricks to pass the OSCP and also a few other things he’s working on such as SecBSD and his affiliation with Mental Health Hackers. Don’t forget to enter your chance to win the free OSINT book giveaway!!

00:00 Who is the BSD Bandit?
01:17 What’s your current field/specialty?
02:13 BSD Bandit’s advice on how to get into infosec
02:46 WIreless hacking
03:16 OSWP – OSCP – OSCE – No order to it
04:16 How can I pass OSCP?
05:02 To Metasploit or not to Metasploit
05:51 BSD’s career highlights
06:41 Passion vs Compensation?
08:32 Any career Regrets?
09:49 Gratitude, Positivity and spreading Love through Twitter
12:53 What is Mental Health Hackers?
14:22 How to connect with the BSD Bandit
15:04 What is SecBSD?
16:14 OSINT Book GIVEAWAY!!!

Follow BSD Bandit’s friends and colleagues here:
@HackersHealth –
@SecBSD –

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