The Rabbit hole has you...

It’s 3:50 AM and I’m alone at work staring at 8 screens

Well, it’s actually 7 since that top right screen kicked the bucket a couple days ago…

What am I doing here you ask? I’ll tell you… someone at my part-time left and so everyone’s schedules have shifted to cover the now available midnight, 12am-8am shift.  I was able to squeeze out of it for the entire month of March, but it’s now April and here I am.

I won’t dive in too much about what I do at the side hustle, but it involves 24/7 monitoring of networking assets for a few different clients of this company. I’m usually a 8am-4am or 4pm-8pm guy. Not today. It’s all good though. This time is allowing me to finally get this blog started and try and wrap up this site just a little bit. I have Mirrors Edge Catalyst music playing off Youtube and I’m here contemplating the next steps in my career and life in general.

If you’re here visiting this site and it’s anywhere in the month of April, 2018 please bear with me, it’s probably (most likely) not even close to finished. Or maybe it is, I don’t know, I can’t predict the future.

I will be making attempts to update this blog/vlog regularly and upload specific cyber, tech, business and life content 😀

I’ll also be getting around to uploading more youtube videos to my channel (shameful plug > BUNEE FLACS) eventually. I find I’m more of a writer at heart anyway than a speaker, but I’m working on that for various reasons.

Just a little about me>>>
I’ve been in IT for 10 years with a strong background in cyber security. I try and dabble in all aspects of IT to include web design and coding and I’m also an artist at heart so I’m fully familiar with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator, basically Adobe’s suite of software. I am actually all over the place to be honest. I have a strong and expanding career in Cyber-Security but my actual interests stretch far beyond what is capable to accomplish in only 24 hour days. I am EASILY influenced by things that I feel can make me a grow as a person. For instance, just this week I saw something on polyphasic sleeping and I’m not convinced yet that I’m beyond trying. I would love to have 20 hours in a day and sleep for only four. It sounds AMAZING but that excitement might fade after this shift is over anyway. I was even going to use this shift to try and jump start my polyphasic sleep cycle lol… I may even make a video or blog about it for real for real.

Anyway, I think this is a good start to my first blog post for Let me get to polishing it up some more and study for the second half of my upcoming Linux+ exam.

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