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You need to check out Pluralsight

I have partnered with the amazing technology learning platform Pluralsight! Personally, I used the Linux+ course to pass my CompTIA Linux certification earlier this year. Usually I’m not really good at watching videos alone to learn, I normally need some supplemental materials whether it’s books, workshops, seminars etc. But one thing I can tell you is the course material found on Pluralsight will not only keep you up, but definitely get you to a point where you can really retain most if not all of the material you’re learning about. At the moment I’m currently going through the Python course to help with my OSCP labs, because Python is a huge programming language and it’s helping with my scripting tremendously. Read More

Center City DC!


on this Lazy Labor Day for 2018, me and the Wifey were quite bored and decided to venture out into DC to see whats out there. See, mostly we work, go to school, study and stay home… (Mostly)… At first, we had no clue where to go. Well, we kinda had an idea but per usual we left the house… and by the time we got to the thing we wanted to do it was too late, so we looked up places in DC and Boom, City Center DC popped up. Read More

I’ve been MIA for way too long from this blog, but I’m back…

For anyone who knows me personally, you would know I praise education and self-teaching and the importance of the information age that we live in. If you are alive, breathing and know how to read and have access to the internet, then in THEORY, there is nothing you can not learn. In today’s world, there are absolutely NO reasons why you can not learn anything you want to know, that you do not know now, or that you’ve ever wanted to learn. Read More

Review: Gaia TV

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Hulu or Netflix with nothing to watch as frustrating boredom starts to overcome your very existence at your pathetic attempt to entertain yourself to no avail? If you said “No”, it’s ok, you can stop lying to yourself.

We’ve all been there.

Well, you might as well add another $10 to your monthly online streaming budget because when times strike hard and where Hulu and Netflix WILL fail you, I can guarantee you Gaia won’t. Read More

Ready Player One REVIEW!!

I’m a movie guy, and a video game guy, and a pop culture guy, and a comic book/sci fi guy… for sure… so when I initially saw the trailer for Ready Player One (I think as a preview for Thor Ragnarok or Black Panther) it was on my official “To see no matter what, I don’t care even if I go blind” list. (Yes, that is a real mental movie list I keep). Fast forward a few months, it hits theaters and I shamefully catch it an entire WEEK after it comes out!! (No idea how I missed it opening day) but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!!
Read More