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I’m being Dislike “botted” on YouTube from Slovakia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hoping this gets out to someone that can help or point me in the right direction to correct this, lol.

Apparently it turns out I’m being Dislike “botted” on YouTube from the country of Slovakia. Not sure if I pissed a person from there off, if my content is really THAT bad or if someone’s got a thing against YouTubers trying to help raise awareness of Cyber Security issues in general, but I find this odd and frustrating. Read More

November 11, 2018

So… This year’s 11-11 was crazy!

Two events took place this year in my immediate area that I had no plans to attend let alone even knew about. Both kinda fell on my lap within a few days’ time. I’m sure other people may have known about these events for weeks or months, but I didn’t hear about either of these until it was almost too late. The first was AlienCon in Baltimore and the second was The Mass Meditation Initiative in Washington, DC – Both happened on 11-11. Read More